Gold Libra Necklace

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September 23 - October 22
Libras are peaceful, loving, caring and affectionate. They are well-balanced, diplomatic and cooperative. They like to make others feel at ease around them and they are always looking out for those they love and see the best in people.  Libras are the seventh sign of the zodiac and is represented by the scales. They only sign that is not represented by a human or animal, but the scales signify the Libra's need for balance, order, and equality.  Represent your sign with this beautiful necklace today!

14k Gold Women's Libra Necklace

Hand packaged by us in our custom SweetZodiac boxes

Gold Necklace Length: 360 x 70mm

Gold Pendant Size: 12 x 12mm
14k Gold Over Stainless Steel